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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Meridian Medical Staffing
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable3.45.0
2. Friendly3.55.0
3. Efficient3.35.0
4. Honest3.45.0
5. Pay rate3.55.0
6. Paycheck accuracy3.45.0
7. Housing3.45.0
8. Benefits3.35.0
9. Supportive3.45.0
10. Assignment selection available3.35.0
11. Individualized3.45.0
12. Insurance plan3.35.0
13. Reliable3.45.0
14. Accessible3.45.0
15. Reputable3.45.0
16. Accommodating3.45.0
17. Professional3.45.0
18. Paycheck arrival time3.45.0
19. Chances you will recommend this agency3.45.0
20. Chances you will work with them again3.45.0
Total Score (number or rankings)67.8(22)100.0(5)
  • My Recruiter(Connor) and Meridian are very Trustworthy!! I would never dream of going any where else! They truly care about me and my assignments, never an issue getting paid, and the follow up is amazing! You will not be disappointed with this outstanding company, give them a call for your last recruiter and travel company!! 03/28/2017
  • What a GEM! I almost quit travel nursing due to some really poor ethics in the business. I found Meridian Medical Staffing and was sooooo relieved to get a second start in this crazy gig of travel nursing. They are really refreshing. They will tell you the bill rate they are working with on each assignment and then walk you through how that equals you pay, (and they pay REALLY well). The use the word "transparent" a lot and they are true to that word. They are trying to be completely different from a lot of the sharks out there AND THEY ARE! My recruiter is Connor, but I have talked to many people at this company and I would highly recommend them. They are out of Denver, but have positions everywhere. They are honest and I think are going places because of their philosophy. Big thumbs up. I will never leave them! 03/21/2017
  • I REALLY want to write this review, as this is the best company I have EVER worked for. My recruiter Anne is absolutely the best. I am so sad, as I am leaving the travel world to follow my dream of working permanently in Alaska, but before I go off into the sunset I want EVERYONE to know that they need to work for Meridian Medical Staffing. I want to thank Mark for having the courage to have a different kind of recruiting company that truly cares about their nurses. I want to thank Sue and Krista for all their efforts through the credentialing process. I want to thank Evon for putting up with the fact that not only did I travel with my entire family, but with my 80 lb dog. While I am excited about my next chapter, I am adamant that without Meridian Medical Staffing my dream would not have come true. I am so sad to leave them, but excited for my family. Some companies truly change lives. This one did. They are the BEST. Travel with them of you're missing out on what travel really is! 08/24/2016
  • If you're looking for a great company call Meridian Medical Staffing. You can ask for my recruiter, Anne Ubert, but don't take too much of her time, as she's my absolute #1. I've worked as a traveler for a very long time and I finally found a company that I love! They really get travel nursing and understand what we travelers go through day in and day out. Anne is great, as is everyone there... I've had the CEO call me back with an answer to an urgent question. Highly, highly recommend! 07/12/2016
  • I am a first-time traveler, although I've been a nurse for over 23 years. I heard all the horror stories and even witness many about travelling, so I did my research well. When I called my recruiter, Mackenzie it was a much better conversation than I had with each and every other agency. She informed me about pay, housing, and even the facilities I was interested in. They talk about being transparent, and they really are. I know the rate they charge my hospital, and understand how that translates to my pay. I really appreciated that. This company is honest and they really take care of their travelers. I have already switched 3 travelers over to them based upon pay alone. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks Meridian Medical Staffing and Mackenzie! 05/16/2016
  • My recruiter, Anne is the absolute best. This company is terrific and they really care. I was cancelled due to low census and Meridian Medical Staffing took control, found me a new assignment, (with better pay), let me stay in their housing until it was time to head to the new assignment, and COMMUNICATED with me through the entire process. They are really a great company. Everything they do is top-notch. Many companies SAY they care, but these guys really do! I know from experience what most companies do when something like this happens. These guys do what they say the will do and I've not seen that before with any other company. 04/14/2016
  • Just completed my first assignment with Meridian Medical Staffing in Miami, FL. I am extremely please with this company and my recruiter Connor. I read the reviews that this company had and I must say that they seem a little "fishy..." like they came from one very hard-to-please traveler. This company is terrific. They do everything very well, from housing to MOST IMPORTANTLY paying in an honest, and correct way! Their tax advantage program is honest and not just set up to put a bunch of illegal tax-free dollars in your pocket... (yes, I've been burned before). They are very honest, well informed, and the best experience I have had as a travel so far. I am starting assignment #2 with them up in Panama City next week! 03/23/2016
  • Currently, I'm on my first out-of-state travel assignment with Meridian Medical Staffing. I can truly say that since my journey began back in October of this past year, the staff has not only been with me, but FOR me every step of the way. ANY problem that arised, I've had the support of Anne Ubert, Senior Recruiter and the other professional staff there at Meridian. One situation very close to my heart that occurred, was when my father died unexpectedly and I called Anne. I received her sincerest, genuine condolences and next, she asked "what can we do for you." Needless to say, I was thrown aback and just tremendously touched by the kindness and even more so, the assistance I received during this devastating time in my life! After all, this happened in December and I'd only been with the company since October! Not only was I able to get home to South Carolina from South Dakota seamlessly, but I was also able to maintain other needs, such as housing with no issues - thanks to this wonderful company and its people. I'm a firm believer in not so much as what you say, but what you do. I'm blessed to be working with Meridian Medical Staffing. Cynthia S. RN 03/10/2016
  • I have worked for 12 different companies over my travel nursing career. Meridian Medical Staffing is hands-down the absolute best out there. Take it from a very picky, high-maintenance nurse... these guys are the Best! 03/02/2016
  • This company stole from me. They lied about my assignment, and left me stranded in Alaska. Mark Halloway from Meridian acts like he is a caring person. What I learned is he steals from Nurses and Recruiters like its nothing. Dont believe anything someone from this company tells you, just run like hell. 02/01/2015
  • Thief! I did contract work for Meridian Medical Staffing, and the CFO Mark H. He contracted me to update his company logo. He never paid me!! He does not return my calls either. I believe this company needs to be closed. Do not use them, no matter what! 12/11/2014
  • Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Company. Can't say enough bad things about them. I never received any Pay Stubs. My paychecks were wrong several times. Also, I heard from employees of the company, that the owner, Mark Halloway, treats his recruiters horribly.He even steals from them!!! Do not work for Meridian.... 12/04/2014
  • Awesome company! They found me an assignment when 4 others led me on. They always pay higher than anyone else, (I have compared notes with other travelers here). My housing is amazing. Zero problems with pay. Zero problems with housing. Zero problems with ANYTHING! Big recommendation! 11/21/2014
  • Stay away from this company. The owner cheats and steals from his nurses and recruiters. The pay is much lower than other companies, and the do not have your best interest in mind. All the owner,NAME REMOVED, is interested in is making a few extra bucks. Not your well being. 11/18/2014
  • The best company you have never heard of! Smallish agency, based out of Denver that really did a great job for me. I have been looking for a "real" company for over 5 years, jumping from one to another. Meridian has recruiters that actuall recruit. They tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about an assignment, they pay better, (I was making $4 more per hour than anyone else at my facility), and the did what they said they were going to do, right down to the detail. I am a 8+ year traveler and I highly recommend them. I love to talk about bad companies, but this is the first review I have done praising one. 05/23/2014
  • Great company. 6 assignments with them. Much more knowledgeable than all others with regard to assignments. They have the travelers best interest in mind. Highly, highly recommend! 05/08/2014
  • I've been with them for over 4 years straight. Great company, best pay and lots of assignments. Won't work with anyone else. 04/29/2014
  • Terrible company to work with. They did not pay me for work for +2weeks.. they said were having computer problems. They would not answer my calls or return my calls. It was only after I threatened to go to the hospital about their lack of paying me did they provide my paycheck. Very unprofessional!! 03/27/2014
  • They like to take taxes out that you didn't authorize. Dropped the ball on housing. Non supportive. Horrible experience. 12/25/2013
  • Housing was bad, insurance not paid by agency, no pay stubs, late on housing apartment rent, never received up front travel pay. There is no one available 24/7. You get voice mail. Not supportive, low wages and don't listen to the nurse about where they want to go. 12/22/2013
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