Single and traveling: where is the best place to be?

Single and traveling: where is the best place to be?

Are you single and traveling? After the passing of valentines, you may be thinking about finding that special someone. Where should you go? After all, as a traveling healthcare professional, you can go anywhere.

You are in luck. Recently, and AXE Deodorant Bodyspray got together and did a study on America's best and worst cities for dating. I canít believe that the number one city on the list, Austin, TX., happens to be my hometown. The next few towns on the list were Colorado Springs, Colorado, San Diego California, Raleigh/Durham, NC, and Seattle Washington.

The study measured several factors such as the amount of singles between the ages of 18 and 24 years of age, the population density, and a variety of dating venues per capita. Dating venues include such things as concerts, coffee shops, bars, bowling alleys and more.

I guess people are partying it up in Austin Texas. It does have a lot of places for people to get together. The surveys showed that not only are there many singles due it being a college town, but that more money was spent on socializing and alcohol consumption than any other area. People in Colorado Springs, Colorado were also busy socializing at the bars and dining out. San Diego on the other hand ranked high for the diversity in culture that it offers as well as the recreational activities in the area. People in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina doing lots of online dating. Seattle, Washington not only did more online dating than Raleigh Durham, but they also have lots of coffee shops to hang out in.
What area do you think has the most lingerie shops per capita? If you like buying lingerie, you might want to go to Columbia or Charleston (second place) South Carolina.
If you like to receive flowers from your date, Norfolk, Virginia may be the place to be. They scored the highest in flowers sold for that special someone and they were 83% on the scale for online dating.

People are busy eating out in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They must have a lot of good restaurants?

In Springfield, MA, people are busy working out instead of eating. They scored high on health clubs per capita as well as bars.

Finally, Honolulu Hawaii has many people of different races all eating out.

For a single person, I hope this provides you with the inside scoop to the dating scene in different areas and some food for thought.
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