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Travel Nursing Company Review of: Rapid Temps
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable2.21.0
2. Friendly2.72.5
3. Efficient2.21.0
4. Honest2.11.0
5. Pay rate2.61.0
6. Paycheck accuracy2.41.0
7. Housing1.91.0
8. Benefits1.41.0
9. Supportive2.21.0
10. Assignment selection available2.11.0
11. Individualized2.32.5
12. Insurance plan11.0
13. Reliable2.11.0
14. Accessible2.82.5
15. Reputable2.11.0
16. Accommodating2.32.0
17. Professional2.31.0
18. Paycheck arrival time2.71.0
19. Chances you will recommend this agency2.11.0
20. Chances you will work with them again2.21.0
Total Score (number or rankings)43.7(10)25.5(2)
  • Please. Never work for this agency. I gave Rapid Temps 30 days notice that I was ending a contract early. Exact words from Kirston Gould, "I will find a replacement by the end of the day." She lied. She also lied to me and said payroll would not send me my current check (due in 24 hrs) and my last week, unless I had someone sign my timesheet. Once signed, she then said there's a clause in my contract that is the agency's discretion to pay those ending a contract early at federal minimum wage. They will charge the hospital full rate but will only pay me $7.50/hr for the 70 hours I worked. What a scam agency. Now I have to crowd source to pay my rent? Also, Kirston specifically kept my vacation dates out of my contract. I kept asking her when she was going to send me a contract with my vacation date block, and she kept saying she thought she did. Oh, and she always uses her kids as an reason to humanize her and get you to trust her. What a con artist. Run from this agency. Never work for Rapid Temps. Whatever you read on their webpage is a lie. They just started health insurance a few month's ago but claim they have many benefit packages. No they don't. This is a very dishonest agency. Do not work at Rapid Temps. And if you do, make sure you don't renew your contract. 02/15/2019
  • Worst company I have ever worked for. I went with them because they ended up offering a good bit more on a job than another company. That was where things ended. They always screwed up my paychecks. Even when they admitted I was right, they still wouldn't fix it. It wasn't until I called them out in public for not paying me that I received what they owed. I had to do that again at the end of the contract as well. They don't respond to calls or messages. They never acted as if they cared about any concerns I had, nor with getting my pay correct. As with all travel companies, all the paperwork they made me submit never made it to the hospital. I've told them to never contact me again. They still do. 06/12/2018
  • Been traveling with Rapid Temps for 6 years now and have never been so happy. All recruiters are very helpful and they hear what I say. Always paid on time and always have another assignment for me to go to before my end date. The best of agencies to work for in my opinion. 02/26/2016
  • Nice people. Very friendly and helpful all through my assignment. I hope to stay with them for a long time. 10/19/2015
  • I had the displeasure of meeting this group today. They called me at 0715 and did not leave a message. Because this is a pet peeve of mine, I called the number to let them know I do not approve of how they do business. from the receptionist to one of the owners, I was treated with total rudeness and disrespect. I voice my concerns to "K***y" who told me she had no idea what time it was and then hung up on me after I said I was not interested in a contract. I then called back and spoke to "P**l" who was even worse. He told me to stop whining because they called me so early and that I "need to pull the stick out of my ass"! Funny, they interrupt my privacy and day with disrespectful business practices and then accuse me of having the problem? Someone needs to tell them that there are telecommunication laws in this country for a reason! I am not at all surprised to see these comments and see that there rating is one of the worst here in this site. I have been a traveler for more than 10 years and have been fed to the dogs a few times. I am now highly selective in the companies I even choose to consider for a contract. I can assure you, I would rather be on the street than work for Rapid Temps! In reading the comments here; I think I would be better off there anyway. 07/03/2014
  • The absolute worst agency I have ever worked for. They lie continuously, double book prn & travel assignments so they can get rid of some nurses & keep the others, while allowing the cancelled nurses to be eviscerated by staff. Threatens the receiving hospitals with law suits if they hire a former nurse, put nurses' valuable reputations on the line constantly. Lies & the lying liars who tell them, this should be their motto. The most abusive bosses on the planet. Endless false accusations attempting to provoke nurses. Hires ONLY model-types for their offices & treat the nurses like cattle, while teaching the office staff to be just as abusive & dishonest as the owners are. THIS AGENCY WILL COST YOU YOUR CAREER. DO NOT WORK FOR THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They hate nurses, especially the females & take out all their aggression on the nurses. Its a wonder they are still in business. God only knows how many times they have really been sued. They only get assignments with the worst & most abusive facilities, because the good facilities DON'T use them anymore. Their abusive treatment of their nurses can be a liability to receiving facilities & the facilities are FINALLY learning this. This is why they use a 3rd-party vendor to get contracts - their name doesn't appear until the nurse gets the contract. They lie about housing to get you in a contract & pull the rug out right after you arrive. They will also hold housing plans to see if the facility is going to cancel you or not. They will BURN you EVERY chance they get. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Count your losses & move on. They WILL DESTROY you. They are the most filthy, vile, hostile, bosses I have ever met in healthcare.NEVER work for a small, homegrown nursing agency from New Mexico - their home office is in Albuquerque - most hospitals in New Mexico won't use them anymore. They blame the nurses for everything that goes wrong - BE VERY CAREFUL!!! THE PERSON WHO WROTE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT ON THIS SITE IS LYING! ITS REALLY FROM OFFICE STAFF. THERE ARE ONLY 2 "RECRUITERS" IN THE OFFICE & BOTH ARE JUST AS NASTY AS THE OWNERS. THEY PICK FIGHTS WITH THE NURSES & LIE TO THE BOSSES: "Small company, better pay, but not as many choices. You have to do a little leg work on your own housing to get the best money, but I think they make it worth your while. If unhappy w/ a recuriter, another agency rep will step in and try to square things up with you. Overall, I think they really do try and take care of their travelers." 06/02/2014
  • Office staff give bad information - don't provide timely documents. Disorganized & play favorites with all assignments. Will change prn assignments without notice. Lie constantly about availabilities, pay rate. Treat nurses like slaves. Work office staff to death. Expects nurses to tolerate abusive assignments. Do not match nurses with specialties or preferences. The owners are all male & treat female staff like dirt. 02/28/2014
  • called x3 on road for resubmission of paperwork already submitted. lied about availability of housing-spent a month in motel -they placed a fellow traveler who came later into a apartment. Called regarding discrepancies in pay-supervisor told me he could replace me in a day. I in good faith would not recommend this company. 05/30/2013
  • Small company, better pay, but not as many choices. You have to do a little leg work on your own housing to get the best money, but I think they make it worth your while. If unhappy w/ a recuriter, another agency rep will step in and try to square things up with you. Overall, I think they really do try and take care of their travelers. 06/03/2008
  • Housing accomodations need to be finalized before starting the contract. I was told they would put me at a motel for the first 2-3 days while they looked for other housing. I'm still at that motel, 9 weeks later. The place has roaches and the exterminator has been here 4 times. The agency suggested a few other places, one was 30 miles away from the assignment, the other 2 in an unsafe part of the city. Agency tells me the city is just too small and they can't find anything. (as in, they don't want to pay for anything nicer,,,) Now they want me to extend the contract here, promising they'll find better housing. Just a 'little' too late for that!!! 05/01/2008
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