Home on Wheels: Taking Travel Nursing to a New Level

Someone recently wrote to me regarding travel nursing via RV (recreational vehicle). Traveling by RV is a different way of life. This is a definite change in lifestyle. Since becoming a traveling nurse is a change in lifestyle as well. I would recommend to anyone considering this option to try out travel nursing first. Get used to the traveling lifestyle and make sure that you like it.

If you know that you like travel nursing and want to commit to it full-time, then you may want to consider an RV. With the rise in gas prices, I am not sure how this option will be affected. However, I have never met an RV traveler who regrets having made the transition to an RV. According to RV industry experts, RV ownership is higher than ever. One in 12 households owns an RV. RVís arenít just for retired people anymore. As a matter a fact, statistics are showing that younger crowds of 35 and under are showing an increase in this type of transportation. Itís a chance to save money on housing and be mobile at the same time.

Moving into an RV is a big adjustment though. You will have lots to learn about the RV world. The following websites are an excellent comprehensive source for RVers.




Also, several good books have been written about traveling by RV including: Your Home on Wheels: a beginner guide to part-time or full-time rving by Carol Ray. This book can be found on Amazon at the following link http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0967173000/qid=1147200514/sr=11- 1/ref=sr_11_1/102-0756627-5776115?n=283155"

A few other books you may want to check out are: Steeles on Wheels: A Year on the Road in an RV First We Quit Our Jobs: How One Work-Driven Couple Got on the Road to a New Life Meandering Down the Highway: A Year on the Road with Fulltime RVers

Most RV parks now have wireless internet options. There is an entire world in itself of RVers. I would imagine this to be a very unique experience to be a traveling nurse and an RVer. What a combination. After the initial adjustment, an RV traveler should make more money than a regular nurse traveler by pocketing the housing reimbursement.

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