How to secure good housing

How to secure good housing

Seasoned travelers have many ways of securing good housing. For traveler, the shelter provided by the company is very important. After all, a traveling nurse is leaving their home to an unknown place. Their only place in life for the moment becomes the housing provided by the travel nursing company. How a traveler feels about a place can very much be affected by where they are residing while on assignment.

The companies on the other end are trying to meet their budget while still providing the traveler with housing they will be happy with. Many companies have never been to these places themselves and have to rely on what they can find without actually seeing the place either. Travelers need to give them a little bit of a break. Itís not like they set out to give you poor housing. Companies want their travelers to be happy. However, sometimes, travelers arrive to find less than adequate housing. Then, it is up to the traveler to negotiate for different housing. Most companies are willing to work with you so you can be happy and stay on the assignment you have committed to.

Some travelers have learned to take steps themselves to try and assure better housing. First, they ask lots of questions about the housing. They ask to speak to the housing department and go over all the details.
Travelers can usually go online and look up apartments ahead of time and find out what they look like and what facilities are on the property. The following websites are a couple of good sources to look: , .
Also, the rental market is getting very popular as more and more people are having trouble selling their homes. There is a website ( you can go to and find many houses that people have put up for rent for traveling nurses. If the housing is close to the hospital you will be working, you could rent it out and get reimbursed from your company. All you need to do is find out how much housing allowance they would provide you while you are on assignment. Sometimes, companies are even willing to rent the house for you if the price is right and they place many travelers in that area on a consistent basis.

If you are worried about what housing you might end up with, you can take an active approach and get involved in trying to assure you will be happy when you get there. This will be better for everyone involved.
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